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If you reserve your boxing tickets now you will have the opportunity to be there live as the riveting spectacle unfolds. It begins with the first ringing of the bell in round one and ends with the breathtaking KO in the final round. Global-Tickets is your number one website for a long list of exclusive fights. Ever since the BC era, boxing has been a discipline that draws huge crowds of enthusiastic fans who want to see the emotionally charged duels.

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Be there as two extremely fit athletes face off eye-to-eye and fight in the ring to determine who the winning champion will be this time. Over the years, boxing has evolved into a societal event attended by both, spectators who acquired their wealth only recently and passionate fans of boxing who prefer to watch their favourites fight without having to dress up for the occasion. Either way, boxing is now so popular that it easily fills the large venues all over the world to capacity. However, the focus is not always on the main events since boxing fight nights frequently host various pre-competition match-ups that give up-and-coming young boxers a chance to prove what they’ve got. If you should decide to see a World Championship Fight, you might become a live witness of a global event that will later be documented in history books. Will the reigning champion be able to defend his title or will his opponent force him down on the ground and knock him out? You will feel the goose bumps on your skin as you hear the sound of the hymns followed by that moment when all of the tension is unleashed – the charge both boxers have built up over months. With the odour of their sweat in your nostrils and the sound of their heavy breathing in your ears, you will feel their pain as if it were your own. Let's get ready to rumble!