Global-Tickets Racing Team

It's time, we are giving the go-ahead, to officially introduce the Global-Tickets Racing Team
Together with you, we have brought the project on track and as a result, we are able to give something back to the motorsport

Our goals:

  • Later this year, we will formally establish the Global-Tickets Racing Team
  • We will welcome young racing drivers into our team, coach them and financially support them
  • Together we will support smaller clubs and racetracks - for a more versatile, exciting racing world

How is the project financed?

Through selling our high-quality Global-Tickets Premium / Fan packages, we now produce, distribute and ship worldwide.
We are the link between fans, companies and young racing drivers.

Our promises:

A significant portion of the revenue from the Global-Tickets Premium / Fan packages flows directly back into motorsport.
Your help enables us to support and promote motorsport and young talent.
We look forward to bringing the project to life with you!