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Get your Assen MotoGP tickets  online for “The Cathedral” of motorcycle racing! See the motorcycle grand prix at the circuit in the Netherlands!

When the MotoGP comes to the Netherlands, every fan of motorsports knows that it is time to make the pilgrimage to Assen in the province of Drenthe, the home of the legendary TT Circuit Assen. The Global-Tickets online shop is the perfect place to buy your official tickets for the TT Circuit Assen and this extraordinary motorsports event. Come check out the different tickets offered in our online shop and find a ticket which meets your needs. Global-Tickets offers you single day tickets such as the Friday Tickets, the Saturday Tickets, and the highly-coveted race day ticket, the Sunday Tickets. Since one day is hardly enough to see everything and soak up the atmosphere, there are also the Weekend 2 Day Tickets and the Weekend 3 Day Tickets. The race track in Assen is always a highlight for motorcycle fans as the track is specially constructed for motorcycles. Come and see the best racers in the world deliver outstanding performances as they push themselves and their machines to the limit.

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Get your MotoGP Assen Tickets now! | The TT Circuit Assen is the perfect place to see high-class motorcycle racing

Motorsports have their traditions, and motorcycle racing fans know one of their traditions says that when the MotoGP stops in the Netherlands, the race will take place in Assen. The TT Assen is simply an integral part of the MotoGP calendar. You may ask yourselves why the Grand Prix in the Netherlands is called TT Assen. The TT stands for ‘Tourist Trophy’ and relates to the TT races on the Isle of Man when motorsports were young and the first races were being established. The circuit in Assen is definitely among the most thrilling on the whole MotoGP racing calendar. The atmosphere around the circuit is always special, and the fans look forward not only to the MotoGP but also to the Moto2 and Moto3 classes for tight races and breathtaking driving. The grandstands offer a great view of the circuit, and video walls transmit the whole race so you don’t miss anything. Hundreds of thousands of spectators come here every year to see the race on the track called “The Cathedral.” This nickname refers to the exceptionally long history of Grands Prix on this track. In Assen you have the choice between a lot of different tickets. Whether you want to stay for just one day to see the qualifications or the main event, or if you want a weekend ticket to see the whole GP, you will find your ticket in our online shop. For example, check out the Friday Tickets, the Saturday Tickets or the Sunday Tickets. For those of you who want to enjoy the continuous party with other motorcycle racing fans from all over the world, we recommend a Weekend 2 Day Ticket or a Weekend 3 Day Ticket. There is one thing that one must not forget: a MotoGP weekend comprises the Moto2 and Moto3 events as well. You can watch the young talents on their 600 cc and 250 cc class motorbikes before the MotoGP racers rev up their 1000 cc engines. The Moto2 and Moto3 events are the perfect opportunity to watch the MotoGP stars of tomorrow. The Grand Prix in Assen is always highly competitive, and you never know in advance which rider will triumph. Treat yourself to the pleasure of seeing a high-class MotoGP and buy your tickets for the TT Assen at Global-Tickets. It will be a memorable week-end full of thrill and excitement.

Enjoy the MotoGP race in the Netherlands, and visit the TT Assen Circuit!

The race track, which is situated a bit south of the city of Assen in the province of Drenthe, has a long-standing history of hosting Grands Prix of motorcycle road racing. The success story begins in 1925, when the first Dutch TT was held on 11 July. As was often the case in the early days of racing, the circuit made use of public roads. Over the years, the facilities around the track were enlarged little by little. Improvements to the track also include safety measures such as large gravel traps and air fences which to reduce the danger of injury to racers and fans as much as possible. The race track itself is around 4.5 kilometres long and counts 18 corners. In the past, the circuit was much longer. Over the years, its length has been reduced considerably, but this was in order for engineers to perfect the track layout. The longest straight away for reaching maximum speed measures 487 metres. The race track has a width of 14 metres which makes it safer, but also offers enough space for breathtaking manoeuvres. The circuit is very fast but demands a good technique in order to master the narrow curves. You simply have to see it for yourself! And if you have seen the Dutch TT once, you'll certainly want to come again next year.

A MotoGP weekend or longer? Make the most of your visit to Assen - Get your MotoGP Assen tickets now

Assen is the capital of the province of Drenthe. This province is situated in the northern part of the Netherlands and can easily be reached via the highway A28. During the MotoGP, there is a special traffic plan and visitors can be sure to be guided to the right car park. Car parks just for motorbikes have been added recently. Now some 25,000 motorbikes and 23,000 cars can be parked in close proximity to the circuit. Should you prefer to take public transport, there is also a bus which takes you from the city of Assen to the race track. The MotoGP is not all the city and the region around Assen have to offer! The city of Assen is an interesting place to visit. Where once an ancient abbey was located is now the home of the Drents Museum. This museum houses important prehistoric artefacts as well as a collection of figurative art. There is a lot to see outside the city of Assen as well. You can go to the countryside by bike to decompress a little from all the excitement and suspense at the MotoGP thanks to the vast network of cycle paths. Or you can take your whole family to the Wildlands Adventure Zoo in Emmen which offers you the chance to explore different geographic regions. There are plenty of activities in the area and you will certainly find something suitable for you.

Buy your MotoGP Asen tickets now for the Dutch TT 2024 in the Global-Tickets online shop

The Dutch TT is always a highlight of the MotoGP season, so be quick and buy your tickets now before the Grand Prix in Assen is sold out! Another advantage of buying your tickets now is that you can already start to plan your journey and find a place to stay more easily. Get your tickets on Global-Tickets and you will benefit from several advantages. Choose your preferred ticket amongst the many choices which our online shop offers. You can opt for the single day tickets or plan a longer trip and stay two or three days. It is up to you! Thanks to the different tickets available in the Global-Tickets online shop, you can focus on the essentials and enjoy your MotoGP weekend at the TT Assen!