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F1 tickets for the 2024 season - Buy now and enjoy Formula 1 live!

Get your official F1 tickets online and experience the thrilling Formula 1 events you love with Global-Tickets!

Formula 1 - the name itself is as linked to the birth of motorsport as the combustion engine and petrol. Global-Tickets offers you the opportunity to be there live at the races of the premier class: from traditional circuits such as the Circuit de Monaco to modern tracks such as Sakhir, from Monza to Austin - in our shop, you will find everything your racing heart desires. Have you always wanted to experience the legendary race in the Ardennes live at F1 Spa or enjoy the thrill of speed at Formula 1 Spielberg? No problem! Let yourself be carried away and experience unbridled motorsport with your tickets from Global-Tickets.

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Experience Formula 1 in all its diversity - with F1 tickets from Global-Tickets!

The drivers stare spellbound at the traffic lights, the revs are about to skyrocket, the engines roar, and squealing tires signal the start: Formula 1 is waiting, and you can be there live. Get your Formula 1 ticket and experience the racing series that, for many, is synonymous with motorsport worldwide. Almost everyone has at least heard of Formula 1 or watched one of the big prizes on television - but it's something completely different when you're at the race track. With tickets for legendary races such as the Formula 1 in Monza, Spa-Francorchamps, or Spielberg, standing at the circuit and sharing in the excitement, savoring the atmosphere, and letting yourself be carried away by the enthusiasm - that's pure Formula 1 feeling!

F1 Tickets - Whether it's a street circuit or a permanent race track - we have it all!

The big question you always ask yourself is: What should it be? A street circuit or a permanent race track? Both track types have charm and appeal, and the tickets are worth it - no matter what you buy. On the one hand, there is the city circuit icon, the Monaco Grand Prix, the F1 Monte Carlo. The race through the city on the Mediterranean is legendary, with tight bends and lots of action: Formula 1 heroes were born here! Or would you prefer something a little more exotic? Then grab your tickets for the city circuit at the F1 in Baku, Azerbaijan, where the drivers shoot past the sights through the city. There's the speed rush at Spielberg for those looking for a permanent race track outside the town to get their F1 adrenaline fix. The track is one of the fastest racing series, providing action every season. Alternatively, there are tickets for the Formula 1 Spa-Francorchamps, the classic among the permanent circuits. The Belgian Grand Prix in the Ardennes always provides dramatic scenes that leave Formula 1 fans breathless until the last second of the race. For connoisseurs who like technical challenges, Suzuka in Japan is often one of the highlights of the season: fast straights, breakneck corners, and an extraordinary track layout allow all Formula 1 drivers and teams to play to their strengths and fight for the crown at the Japanese Grand Prix.

Experience one of the most high-calibre racing series in the world - with your F1 tickets from Global-Tickets!

Formula 1 is about more than just a place on the podium: It's about the best and most modern that technology can manage. For this reason, a prize is awarded each season for the best constructors. The racing series works with strict rules, which are adjusted every season to make the Formula 1 races even more exciting and thrilling. Constructors, teams, and drivers fight for every point; everything counts, and everyone does their best to come out on top. Each race brings its own challenges that challenge everyone involved anew. For example, Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi is notorious for the temperature fluctuations that demand everything from the technicians. F1 in Montreal, on the other hand, is all about the tires: Finding the suitable rubber for the surface is an exercise that not every team masters and can cost precious seconds. Formula 1 in Barcelona, on the other hand, is characterized by its balance: finding the right balance here is the measure for teams and drivers. In addition to the purely technical restrictions, there are also financial requirements: each team has a limit that determines how much can and may be invested. There are also guidelines as to which parts can be used in general, which can be shared by the teams, and which can be kept individually. This results in a highly challenging scenario in Formula 1, repeatedly ensuring excitement and action.

Thrilling race weekend - Find your Formula 1 Grand Prix tickets & travel packages for F1 Silverstone and more!

One of the most stable circuits in terms of entertainment and appearance in the F1 calendar is the British Grand Prix. In 2024, F1 and the circuit announced a new deal revealing that Silverstone would host one of the most famous GPs for another ten years. The race is dear for over half of the grid, as Great Britain is a home for seven current F1 teams. The F1 Silverstone also offers many activities for fans to experience the celebration of the Grand Prix weekend in a big way. As part of the entertainment program in 2024, F1 ticket holders will see some big stars, like Stromzy and Kings of Leons. Take your chance to experience the thrill of the 2024 British Grand Prix on July 4-7! Book your travel package or VIP ticket with Global-Tickes!

Discover more by being there live with your Formula 1 Grand Prix tickets

Formula 1 tickets often give you access to the race and many offers, especially various F1 VIP hospitality arrangements. There are a variety of impressions, experiences, and souvenirs that you would otherwise miss out on. A tour of the pit lane where you can look over the teams' shoulders, a pass to the paddock to take a look behind the scenes of Formula 1, photo opportunities, and much more! Whether you want to spoil yourself, get up close to the racing action, or use the opportunity to offer your business partners and customers something special. At Global-Tickets, you will find precisely what you are looking for and can find the right F1 tickets to suit you and your plans. If you are unsure, you can always contact our support team, who will happily advise you and help you find the right offer.