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Have you always dreamed of seeing the MotoGP live? The MotoGP is the most important Grand Prix in the motorcycle scene. Each race is a unique chance to watch the pros compete against each other on the most well-known circuits in the world. In the Global-Tickets online shop you can choose your favourite destination from among the many different racing tracks of the series. Each location is unique – from the classic TT Assen to Barcelona in Spain! Order your tickets at Global-Tickets now. Simply select a date, pack your bags, and get excited about your trip to the race track!

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Get your MotoGP 2024 tickets now and have an adrenaline-induced experience

The MotoGP is the premier-class motorcycle championship. This series has existed since 1949, and it has become the most world-renowned racing series on two wheels. As the highest category in the FIM motorcycle world championship, the MotoGP can be compared to the Formula 1 in terms of its importance to the sport. More than 15 races are held worldwide during the season. Participants battle each other to reach as many points as possible and be listed among the top 15 to finish the race. Each race is 40 to 45 minutes of complete concentration for the racers, and the races have a length of 95 and 130 kilometres (60 to 100 miles). The first fifteen finishers of each race are awarded one to 25 points. At the end of the season, the rider with the highest score wins the series and gains the title. The best team is determined by the total score of points that team members have gained throughout the season. The racing team that has accumulated the most points wins the Constructor’s World Championship. Why do MotoGP fans travel the world? Each track has a unique layout, so no race is exactly like another. For this reason, the number of rounds for each race also varies from track to track and is determined prior to each season. Whether it is in Mugello in Italy, in Austin in the USA, at the Sachsenring in Germany, or Jerez in Spain, with Global-Tickets you can choose your dream track and order tickets now.

MotoGP tickets for 2024 give you the oppertunity to watch the audacious riders live! – technology and technique are the keys to winning the MotoGP

Over the years the regulations for the MotoGP have changed. The motorcycles and engines are continuously optimised. Before 2002, regulations allowed 500 cm3 engines. After new developments, engines of 990 cm3 were allowed. Since 2012, motorcycles with a maximum of 1,000 cm3 capacity and four cylinders are allowed on the track! The MotoGP riders need to be fearless and resilient. A lot of the riders are in their twenties, but professionals such as Valentino Rossi prove that experience is invaluable. No matter what age, these sportsmen steer their heavy machines (the maximum weight without the driver is 157 kilograms) at breathtaking speeds. These motorcycles are so fast that they are not allowed on public streets. Another reason to watch the MotoGP live!

A whole weekend packed with breathtaking racing action when buying the MotoGP 2024 tickets

In addition to the race of the highest category, a Grand Prix comprises the races of the Moto2 and Moto3 as well. The motorcycles in these series are smaller, but the races are just as exciting. The Moto2 and Moto3 offer promising talents the opportunity to prove themselves and gain valuable experience. Someday today’s Moto2 and Moto3 pilots may become MotoGP champions. That makes it highly interesting to watch these series during your MotoGP weekend. The MotoGP gives you the unique opportunity to see three different two-wheel races on one weekend. You will certainly have a memorable weekend and a lot to talk about with your fellow fans! What is more, at Global-Tickets you can choose between different ticket options. No matter whether you only want to see a single day of racing action or get the full dose and see the whole Grand Prix, you will find the perfect ticket for your needs in our online shop. Check out the different tickets available for a lot of Grand Prix, such as for the MotoGP in Le Mans. Day tickets are the perfect choice for those who do not have enough time to see the whole Grand Prix, and there are combination tickets to fit your needs. A MotoGP weekend is organised according to a tight timetable. Usually, a Grand Prix starts with several free practice sessions. This is the opportunity for the riders to accustom themselves to the track and try different setups. During the two qualifying sessions, usually taking place on Saturday, tensions rise as every rider tries to get the best lap to obtain a good place on the starting grid. Sunday is race day! The warm up and the race itself are the highlights of each Grand Prix. The stands are packed and the excitement among the spectators is almost tangible.

Motorcycle fans meet and celebrate their sport at MotoGP events

Ordering your tickets for the MotoGP with Global-Tickets grants you access to an exciting event! Be part of this experience and visit the most popular racing tracks worldwide where you can watch the best racers and teams as they fight for the championship. This Grand Prix brings together fans from around the world. Together they cheer on their favourite rookies and veterans as the riders push themselves to their limits. Get ready for an unparalleled experience! Global-Tickets is a great choice for ordering tickets to major motorsport events such as the MotoGP or the Formula 1. As one of the biggest ticket agencies in Europe, we know our customers want one thing: to get their tickets with no hassle. Through the latest SSL encryption technology, your sensitive data is protected throughout your online purchase.