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Secured in case of event changes
With us, you’re always on the safe side, even if an event doesn’t go as planned. If an event is cancelled or postponed, our customer service is there for you, offering you the best solution. Depending on the situation, you will receive tickets for the new date or a voucher that you can redeem anytime in our shop. Your satisfaction is our priority!
Flexible with your schedule changes
Need to change your plans or can’t attend an event due to illness? No worries, we have a solution for that too. During your booking, you have the option to add a Flex-Ticket upgrade, allowing you to cancel or reschedule for free up to 24 hours before the event.
Trust through top ratings
Get inspired by over 10,000 reviews to see what it means to be a customer of Global-Tickets!
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Safe travels – Our protection for your journey

In case of insolvency of the tour operator
Book your trip without worries! Our memberships with leading travel insolvency insurance companies like STO Garant and VZR Garant provide comprehensive protection. No matter what happens - whether it’s an unexpected cancellation or an unforeseen event - we’ve got your back to ensure your trip is secure - from the first step to a safe return.
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Insured shipping - free with us

Shipping is free for you. This does not mean that security is compromised. To ensure that your tickets arrive worldwide, shipping is insured. We work with globally renowned shipping service providers for this purpose.
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Excellent customer reviews

Get inspired by over 10,000 reviews to see what it means to be a customer of Global-Tickets!
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Official partner of the racing circuits

We have been an official partner of over 30 circuits worldwide for many years – so you can enjoy access to the best tickets!

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Discover the world of motorsport with Global-Tickets - your ticket to the front row of the most exciting races from Formula 1 to MotoGP and DTM. Experience the fascination up close, feel the adrenaline rush live and secure the best seats now. At Global-Tickets, you can find your ticket to an unforgettable motorsport experience quickly and easily. Immerse yourself in the heart of motorsport - with just one click. Experience motorsport live with Global-Tickets.