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Make Global-Tickets your go-to online shop for all things motorsports! From Formula 1 to MotoGP to Motocross and many others, this one-stop shop gives enthusiasts ultimate access to all major events in the motorsports universe. The engines are roaring, the tension is rising, and once the green lights flash, the race drivers go to full throttle. Experience the racing action live and make a dream come true! Whether you are a fan of two- or four-wheel vehicles, Global-Tickets brings together all motorsport enthusiasts around the globe.
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Global-Tickets offers great ticket choices for your favourite motorsports events

The world of motorsports is very diverse and one can easily be overwhelmed by the sheer number of different events that take place throughout the year. In our online shop, you will find a clear overview of the different motorsport categories and available tickets. Take your time and browse through our motorsports section. Aside from the well-known major events and series, take a look at some of the more exotic disciplines such as the future-forward Formula E or the high-flying Red Bull Air Race.

Motorsport enthusiasts across the globe are ready to witness history!

With races at many circuits across five continents, it comes as no surprise that the Formula 1 has become one of the most popular category of motorsports. Whether heading west to the Circuit of the Americas in the United States or east to the Yas Marina Circuit in the United Arab Emirates, Global-Tickets will help you get your tickets for a memorable experience! The season’s schedule will most certainly comprise the most renowned circuits all over the world. The circuits are perfectly designed to offer the ideal environment for spectacular races. Watching talented drivers such as Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel go head-to-head for the title is the dream of every motorsport enthusiast. Global-Tickets makes it easier for every motorsport fan to buy tickets for a wide selection of Formula 1 races across the globe. But the world of motorsports has far more to offer than just the Formula 1. Other series such as the MotoGP or the WEC are just as thrilling. So be a part of history and do not miss out on this season’s races. Buy your tickets via our ticket shop today!

Global-Tickets delivers not just motorsport tickets but a whole experience!

Although drivers, models, and engines have changed over the years, there is one thing that has remained constant in motorsports: the enthusiasm of the fans. For decades, motorsports fans have been coming together to see their favourite racing machines and drivers across the globe. No matter how they travelled, fans always make it to events to show their loyalty to the sport. Motorsport fans don’t reserve their loyalty just for the drivers. Rather they share a love of fast machines and look forward to every season's newest innovations. The manufacturers, or constructors, continuously break their own records. Without the teams behind the drivers, there would be no show! The unique layouts of the circuits are another crucial factor of the motorsport experience. The show at each racetrack is somewhat different, and fans have very strong opinions about which the racetracks themselves. This season’s races are bound to be filled with excitement as the drivers, constructors, and fans do their parts to make each race the best it can be. Global-Tickets makes the entire ticket process as easy as possible. Also, our online shop provides great options for seating arrangements at countless different races, dates, and locations.

A seamless planning process with Global-Tickets

If you have always wanted to go to a motorsports event, but you have never quite dared to, this is the moment to make your dream come true! Our online shop has a lot of helpful features to make the booking process as smooth as it gets. For some events we offer a 360° view of the course so that you can preview the track. If you like high-speed sections, select a spot along the straights to see the cars passing by in full throttle mode. If you are more interested in seeing the drivers’ skills and the cars’ agility, then select a stand situated near one of the corners. Some adrenaline junkies refuse to sit anywhere but near the finish line. Decide where you want to sit and book your tickets today! Your trip doesn't have to be limited to the race track! Fans of all ages who come together for the love of motorsports may also discover the areas surrounding the circuit. Whether it is historical sites, concerts, or local cuisine, each city has something special to offer. A trip to a motorsport event leaves you with memories that last a lifetime! Global-Tickets makes the entire planning process easy and fun. Do not wait any longer! Check out our online shop and buy your tickets. Count the days until your race, full of anticipation, pack your bags, and experience an unforgettable motorsport race. Whether you want to attend a race on the eastern or the western hemisphere, Global-Tickets provides enthusiasts with access to motorsport races all over the world.