RedBull erzbergrodeo

Eisenerz / Austria  – 16/06/2022 - 19/06/2022

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The Erzberg Rodeo in Austria – this is not about money; it is about honour! Be there as dirt bike and off-road enthusiasts take to the mountain to conquer their own fears, the mountain and their bikes! Anyone who believes they can master the Rodeo can enter and, as such, the starting line-up is unlike that of any other event. However, only very few can overcome the Erzberg. Act now, book your tickets and secure your place at the adrenaline-fuelled enduro event in Austria! To complete the experience, in addition to the 4-day tickets, we also have some exclusive VIP hopitality packages for the Erzberg Rodeo available from our online store. So, don't delay – get your tickets for the Erzberg Rodeo and experience four days of awesome action, from Thursday to Sunday!

Experience the battle between man and mountain live – with tickets for the Erzberg Rodeo!

The Erzberg in all its glory. Nature, industry and a harsh landscape. They all define this mountain and make it the ultimate opponent for all of those entering the WESS World Enduro Championship at the Erzberg Rodeo. The race was first held in 1995 – a challenge for all fans of enduro. They made the pilgrimage to the Erzberg to push themselves, their bikes and their biking skills to the limit and beyond. The terrain is treacherous and is home to almost all possible challenges: forest, mud, stones, shingle, rubble, snow, rocky slopes – they all stand as adversaries to the riders. And only a few make it to the end. Of the 500 riders, normally fewer than 50 actually make it to the start of the final day, for the Red Bull Hare Scramble.

The Erzberg Rodeo – be there for this battle of honour in Styria!

There are plenty of other events offering riders prize money; events that have been fully commercialised. But the Erzberg Rodeo is a little bit different. Any biker can enter the race, anyone can take part and face up to the challenge of taking on the Erzberg Rodeo. There is no prize money – neither for the pros nor for the amateur riders – this is about the sport itself, about the passion for enduro, however that may look. Anyone who crosses the finish line on the last race, the legendary Red Bull Hare Scramble, is a hero and the winner, a champion. Many a professional career has started here. Proving their skills in this race is the dream of dozens of riders who have ended up smashing into the rocks of the Erzberg or sinking in the forest mud. Take this opportunity and experience it live: a race that draws thousands of motorsports pros and fans from across the world to Styria.

One for the purists, brutal and within touching distance: your tickets for the Erzberg Rodeo

The history of the Erzberg Rodeo is both simple and awe-inspiring. The Erzberg Rodeo first took place in 1995, at a time when motocross was known but certainly wasn’t a mainstream sport. Founders Andreas Werth and Karl Katoch wanted to offer riders and fans something a bit special: a stage where they could prove all of their skills, without the unnecessary rules and with absolutely no frills. In short: a brutal challenge in the open nature. A one-of-a-kind event. What began with 120 riders now attracts over 1,500 riders to the Erzberg and the town of Eisenerz. But the most important thing – despite its growth, the swarms of visitors, the sponsoring, the factory teams and the Erzberg Rodeo Experience, with all the events that accompany the racing – the event itself remains unchanged. Minimalist, hard, brutal racing, in which the drivers toil, push themselves beyond their limits and fight for every metre! With your tickets for the Erzberg Rodeo, you can become part of this monumental event – a myth that fascinates motorsports fans across the globe!

Parties, FMX, premium class and EnduroCross – a ticket for the complete spectacle

What once began with the Red Bull Hare Scramble has now become a top-class motorsports jamboree. FMX shows featuring breakneck stunts, first-class racing, an EnduroCross prologue, the Rocket Ride of the Red Bull Motorclash – your tickets give you 4 days of action-packed racing with legendary parties to boot. And then, at the end of it all, there is the Red Bull Hare Scramble – the race that has shaped the event and made it what it is. Those familiar with the series like to think back to 2015, when the riders helped each other through the forest – also known as the “green hell” – and the four quickest riders crossed the line together. It is images like this that make the event what it is: an extreme enduro race that anyone can take part in but where only a few get to even see the finish line on their bikes. And this applies to both pro riders from professional teams and to the many private participants who try to beat the mountain each year. With this in mind, think back to 2016, when just nine of the 1,500 riders made it to the finishing line within the allocated time. With your tickets for the Erzberg Rodeo, you can cheer the riders on and be there live as the toughest people in this sport put themselves to the test and seek to conquer the merciless mountain!