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What’s at stake is the winning tie break on the center court. Enthralled eyes watch from the sidelines and it is so quiet you can hear a pin drop. In fact, the match seemed to have been decided before, but the underdog persevered and was able to ignite a sensational comeback. He catapults the ball across the net, wins the set and thus the match. The graveyard like silence is broken instantly and the audience is cheering enthusiastically; everyone is out of their seats.

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Tennis is a sophisticated discipline which can create an intoxicating atmosphere in the arena even if the fans remain perfectly quiet. The strain and concentration can be seen on the players’ faces. After all, any missed ball could be the last one. Here you can experience first-hand how history is made set after set as the players strive to succeed, suddenly fail, or achieve the kinds of triumphs that are the stuff of legends. If you have a ticket to a tennis match, you won’t miss a single exchange and as an eye witness, you will be among those who can determine whether the ball truly was still within the lines. Watch the players as they change sides and assess, which returns are the perfect ones. You might also catch a glimpse of weakness when the player moans more intensively when hitting the ball. Whether the match is carried out on a sand, hard court or grass – in the hall or outdoors – attending a tennis match will always be worth your while. Game on – and you will always be a winner!