• Biathlon auf Schalke Gelsenkirchen
  • Biathlon auf Schalke Gelsenkirchen
  • Biathlon auf Schalke Gelsenkirchen

Biathlon auf Schalke Gelsenkirchen

Gelsenkirchen / Germany  – 28/12/2023

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As the year draws to a close, anticipation of the Ruhr’s most important annual winter sports event will be reaching its peak. The world’s greatest biathlon stars will be coming together in the VELTINS area to fight out the World Team Challenge. Established in 2002, the incomparable atmosphere in the stadium has long since made this event cult. Every year, it brings a breath of fresh air to the biathlon scene. With Global-Tickets.com, you can follow the World Team Challenge live from start to finish.
Don't miss a thing when the athletes attempt to hit the tiny targets with a diameter of a mere 4.5cm from 50 meter distance, feel the special atmosphere thanks to the arena and immerse yourself in the experience. If you have gotten a taste and want more, also check out the Biathlon in Nové Město.

The Biathlon World Team Challenge 2023 in Schalke - an event you won't forget!

Nowhere else is this combined discipline as celebrated as at Schalke Gelsenkirchen. The race in front of 50,000 spectators in one of Germany’s biggest stadiums is unique among biathlon events and a remarkable experience for every competitor. With a 1200-metre ski run made of artificial snow outside the VELTINS arena and a compact course with shooting range inside, the World Team Challenge meets all the requirements for an exciting biathlon afternoon. Will a German winner take the podium again this time? Find out with tickets from Global-Tickets.com; the event should be highlighted in your diary.

As always, there will be an exciting supporting program. Before the competition, you can visit the Schalke complex and take your time to admire the winter village and the venue with its numerous attractions. The afternoons kick off with junior competitions before the pros start their triumphal march into the arena a little later. After the traditional shoot-out, the competitors start en masse on the race from which one team will emerge as the afternoon’s celebrated victor. The event traditionally features mixed-sex teams of two including numerous top biathletes. As always, the program will include a musical event and a fireworks display after the event. Experience a combination of sport and entertainment at the biathlon in Schalke Gelsenkirchen. Act now to secure the last remaining tickets for this major winter sports event at the heart of the Ruhr region.

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