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Winter Sports

Get your tickets from Global-Tickets and experience the 2024 / 2025 winter sports season live and in person

Book your tickets for the great winter sports events now – including all the excitement of the World Cup!

Are you a fan of thrilling sports events in the snow? Do you love watching top winter sports athletes perform, with the excitement constantly going up a notch in terms of both height and speed? Then make sure you are there live to experience the new winter sports season in person and watch on as the professionals look to outperform each other and break new records in the biathlon and ski jump! Roar along with the crowd at the famous ski jumps in Germany and Austria, or support your favourites on the ski slopes and shooting range, as they vie for the top spots in the biathlon events. Book your tickets for the Biathlon World Cup Antholz and for the fantastic Biathlon World Cup events, including at Ruhpolding and Oberhof, now, directly through the Global-Tickets online shop.

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Biathlon World Cup - Hochfilzen

13/12/2024 - 15/12/2024

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Biathlon World Cup - Ruhpolding

15/01/2025 - 19/01/2025

de flag Ruhpolding

earlybird Early Bird

Biathlon World Cup - Antholz

23/01/2025 - 26/01/2025

it flag Anterselva - Antholz

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Biathlon World Cup - Östersund

30/11/2025 - 07/12/2025

se flag Östersund

earlybird Early Bird

Experience the Biathlon World Cup or the unique thrill of the Schalke biathlon up close and personal!

Winter sports are your favourite kind of adrenaline rush – maybe you love to don your own skis and charge down the black run at breathtaking speeds, or perhaps you prefer to take in the incredible beauty of the alpine landscape on a more pedestrian cross-country ski trip. You know how impressive the skills of the top athletes are, as they ski with precision and skill, and are all the more excited for them as they rise up the rankings to the podium places. The winter sports world cups are a perfect opportunity for this and this season you can be there live – before it is screened on TVs back home! Thanks to Global-Tickets, you can book your tickets for the thrilling Biathlon World Cup or for the breathtaking ski jump events now. Winter sports is truly international, and you can look forward to locations in Austria, Germany and Italy. Reserve your tickets now from the comfort of your own home – the online booking process is quick and easy. The tickets are sent out across the globe by registered post, so that you can start looking forward to the elite winter sports event of your choice right away!

Experience all the main winter sports disciplines at first hand with Global-Tickets

While watching the fascinating winter sports on your TV from the warmth of your home may be enjoyable, it is nowhere near as good as the real thing! It is far more fun to watch the biathlon, ski jump and other events unfold before your very eyes. Cheer along and celebrate with the crowds as the professionals spring from the platform in the perfect position and clinch the top score, or as the final shot of the biathlon hits the bullseye and adds to the overall tally. Tickets for all of the main winter sports disciplines from the coming season are available now from Global-Tickets. From individual day passes to season tickets for a specific sport or venue – you get to decide where you want to go and what you want to experience live. Why not combine your own winter sports holiday in Austria with one of the World Cup events and get the perfect mix of exercise, fun and excitement? Be there at the biathlon and watch on as the combination of cross-country skiing and shooting puts the elite male and female athletes to the test. Get carried away by the thrill of the rapid change in pace between the speedy cross-country ski sections and the highly focused shooting. This event is truly demanding on the athletes: stamina, speed and precision are all a must and ensure a fascinating competition for spectators. When it comes to ski jumping, the onus is on a precise descent and the perfect jump, as well as the longest possible flight. Join the jury in not just measuring the distance of the jump, but also the elegance of the jumper. Who will progress through the knockout stages and who will go out? Enjoy the entire spectacle from the front row!

Tickets for elite winter sports events with all the trimmings

The winter sports events are held at various locations in Austria, Germany and the South Tyrol. Grab your tickets for one or several days of action near where you live, or at a location of your choice, such as the Biathlon World Cup in picturesque Oberhof. The spectacular sports event takes place across six days here and attracts thousands of fans to the stunning location in Thuringia Forest. Be there as part of the cheering crowd for the men's mass start, for the women’s sprint or for the men’s and women’s pursuit events. There are four days of competition and two days of training – ample time for you to watch on in amazement at the skill and performances of these elite athletes as they give everything. Despite the cold, the atmosphere is always on fire! From single day passes to season tickets – everything is possible. The same goes for the Biathlon World Cup in Ruhpolding in upper Bavaria. The meet and greet is the sporting event of the year, as the athletes come together with fans to create an event that is a true highlight, bringing this genuine elite sport to life for every fan but especially for children. Meanwhile, in the Italian town of Antholz, the biathlon event takes place in the Südtirol Arena and includes all of the disciplines, from the sprint to the pursuit, to individual and relay competitions. The programme of events often includes something quite special from the organisers, for example, in the past, music legends have appeared to turn the crowd’s excitement levels up a notch. It is always worth checking out the range of events on offer! You can also cheer along with the biathlon athletes in the heart of the west of Germany, namely at the Schalke Arena in Gelsenkirchen. Here, the ski slope is covered with around 3,000 cubic metres of artificial snow from the Skihalle Neuss indoor ski centre to make it possible to hold a truly top-class event. This event sees teams comprising one man and one woman compete. The men and women take it in turns to complete the rounds of skiing and shooting. The FIS World Cup in ski jumping is, as always, taking place at the Mühlenkopfschanze ski jumping hill in Willingen and is a real highlight on the ski jumping calendar. Meanwhile, the Four Hills Tournament is held at four different locations. The first jump takes place at the Schattenbergschanze in Oberstdorf in the Allgäu. The opening competition is definitely worth seeing and sets the tone for the subsequent jumps. The ski jumping at the Olympic Ski Jump in Garmisch-Partenkirchen is certainly worth a visit, located at the foot of the Gudiberg mountain. The competition then continues at the Bergisel Ski Jump – the landmark of Innsbruck in Austria. The ski jumpers are once again honouring the Paul-Ausserleitner-Schanze in Bischofshofen – the breathtaking finale will take place here and is a must for every true fan of the sport.

Get your tickets for the winter sports World Cup now

Here at Global-Tickets, you can get your favourite tickets for upcoming winter sports events quickly and easily. From the Biathlon World Cup in Antholz to the Biathlon WTC auf Schalke – book your tickets now and let the anticipation begin!