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We do not want you to miss a look back on the story of art and entertainment. Even though the sketches remind you of childhood stick figures, the stone-age cave paintings are the oldest form of the face of human art. Our ability and our longing to deal with our artistic environment is fundamental to our nature. It is obvious that the majority of archeological discoveries are artistic and not just weapons. Ritual dances to glorify the gods or as a preamble to warfare have developed to artistic choreographic expression. The Greek tragedies and comedies have not lost their relevance in almost 2,500 years. The medieval peripatetic theatre groups which often made fun of the ruling class in their plays used humour, often putting themselves at risk, as a weapon against the feudal ruling classes. Censorship and book burning were commonplace and a threatening signal for the fundamental power of words. The political cabaret enables us to laugh at these things which would normally choke us with anger. The theatre touches our emotions and stimulates our intellect. It makes us laugh and cry and look back contemplatively.
“ We are disappointed ourselves and watch concerned
When the curtain comes down and the questions remain “.
Bertolt Brecht, epilogue from The Good Person of Szechwan.
As a universal language which can convey feelings and mood without words music, takes us to the highest level.
Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter, we know straight away which season Vivaldi means in “The Four Seasons”, independent from our cultural origins. Whether cabaret , theatrical performances, concerts or touring exhibitions, Global-Tickets with its high-class service offers you more than enough opportunities to visit the Elysian daughter in her sanctuary and to stimulate you with “Ode to Joy”. To be able to keep up with the plethora of events and secure your tickets quickly and easily, we recommend you to bookmark this site, so that you are always in the picture and can order your tickets online at the last minute.