Secure shopping through high-tech encryption

Protecting your privacy when you are using our websites is very important to us. That’s why your data is protected with the latest SSL encryption throughout the ordering process.

What is a 256-Bit SSL encryption?

The developers of SSL have based their protocol design on two fields of application: First, SSL should allow an efficient encryption of the communication between client and server. With encryption, all data that can potentially be intercepted is coded with a special key before it is sent. The opaque data stream is then transmitted and can only be decoded and the original data read by the intended receiver. SSL supports so-called symmetric encryption with DES, Triple DES and AES algorithms.

SSL simultaneously fulfills the incredibly important purpose of authentication. Since a digital key or a certificate is always assigned to a particular domain, any browser can automatically check its authenticity with its point of issue. When generating a certificate or key, the identity of the customer for each Certificate Authority (CA for short) is checked manually through a phone call, letter or personal visit, meaning that the assignment of certificate to a domain is 100% secure. Efficient authentication is particularly important in e-commerce - how else is the user to know that he/she is buying from a seller who is exactly who he/she claims to be? SSL makes it possible that a kind of trust can be engendered here in the impersonal Web.