• Equestrian


Sometimes all the happiness on earth is not riding a horse, but to see horses perform their magic. Attending an equestrian sports event live means you will be able to experience the amazing performances of riders and horses hands-on. Once the rider has saddled up and is fully focused on his or her horse, the only thing that counts is the perfect harmony between the person in the saddle and the animal. Every competing horse has been prepared for the moment of performing in front of an audience since the day it was born so that it will deliver the best performance possible. Whether you are enthralled by the emotionally charged silence during a dressage competition or wildly cheer for the participants in a trotting race – there are lots of things that make equestrian sports so attractive to spectators. Support your favourite jockeys and help every horse make it over the entire obstacle course by purchasing tickets to equestrian events. Watching a well-trained horse concentrate as it performs a freestyle exercise is a memorable experience. Words such as grace, elegance and skill can only describe the superficial impressions we gain during an excellent dressage event. The emotional bond between the horse and the observer will be established at the very latest when a horse masters the highest obstacles running in full gallop. Equestrian sports still allow you to witness the value of hard work – after all, there is a good reason we still use horse powers to define how powerful an engine is.