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It is a well-known fact that handball has evolved into a booming discipline in Europe – and this happened well before the World Championship of 2007, which was hosted in Germany. Sold out venues, emotionally charged games, fans riveted by the action all the way down to the final seconds… If you’re a fan, you must see a live handball event, 60 minutes of packing enthralling non-stop action and dynamics. Players have to keep their focus on the ball and the happenings on the field at all times if they don’t want to risk losing the reward for their hard work in just seconds. What is required of every single player is not only first class athletic skill and coordination, but also tactical instincts. Handball is a highly physical discipline and if you watch a game live, you will experience its intensity hands-on.

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Who would not love to be there for the moments when thousands of spectators in the hall count down the last few seconds and your own favourite team’s star throws the winning goal just before the game is over? The electricity of the riveting game eventually discharges and turns into pure joy as the accolades make the venue’s floors and walls tremble. If you have tickets to a handball game, you will be among those in the stands who rally for and cheer on your players so that they can deliver outstanding results on the field. Remember: you have to be there – live on the scene, to be in direct contact with the stars and to be immersed into the enthralling atmosphere. While everyone else is staring at their TV screens at home, a long way from the action, you – the one who was smart enough to get tickets to the game – can say “I was there when it happened.”